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#8: Sipping the Witches Brew With Sofie Mikhaylova (Bonus Episode)

#8: Sipping the Witches Brew With Sofie Mikhaylova (Bonus Episode)

Screeching mandrakes, flying ointments, tips on spotting a witch, sex with the devil, love potions, the absolute insanity of the datura plant, and more.

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Justin Cooke, Rowan Zeoli, and J Gordon Curtis sit down with our good friend (and prolific psychedelic author), Sofie Mikhaylova.

This Halloween bonus episode dives into the ancient folklore around witches and how their practices intertwine with the realm of psychedelics. 

We discuss 5 infamous herbs the witches of medieval Europe used in their alleged rituals and potions, debunk some common misconceptions, and dig into the true identity of these mysterious women.

Sofie recently gave a talk on psychedelics and witchcraft at Soho House and wrote yesterday's piece on Herbs, Hexes, & Hallucinogens: Inside the Witches' Apothecary.

We hope you enjoy this candid conversation with one of our favorite psychonauts.

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About Sofie

Sofie Mikhaylova is a talented writer covering topics ranging from psychedelics to entertainment.

Her work has spanned numerous mediums and industries, from mushrooms to experimental electronic music.

She's written several of our favorite articles for Tripsitter, covering topics such as Psychedelic Coaching, Magic Mushroom Dispensaries and Canadian Drug Policy. She was also our debut guest for the Tripsitter podcast and is here for a second go-round. 

  • Find more of Sofie's work through her Substacks — Sofieland and ShroomTown

  • Follow Sofie on Instagram or check out her website

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