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Here in Canada, we have companies like Field Trip Health, which administer the ketamine in person. A nurse practitioner sits with the patient throughout the experience. I tried to get this therapy with the Field Trip Health branch in my area. I was excited, honestly, that such an option had become available. My doctor approved the therapy. FTH arranged for me to be interviewed by another doctor, and he also cleared me. So I thought I was good to go. But then the nurse practitioner insisted on having a really weird phone call with me, which resulted in her suddenly blurting out that she didn't think I was a good fit for the treatment.

Some of her reasons were fairly incoherent. I guess the one that makes the most sense is that I wasn't currently seeing a therapist, so I would have no one to help me integrate, because this is not something FTH does. Yes, they expect you to fork out over $750, but integration is not included.

In any case, I found her so unsympathetic that I would never let her administer ketamine or any other psychedelic to me. I think she was labouring under a preconception that only military veterans can have PTSD. I never served in the military.

It was terribly disappointing, but at least she saved me $750. What I take from that experience and this article is that a clinic like FTH is better than some company that sells ketamine over the internet--but only just.

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